Worship Schedule 

9:00 AM
Traditional Worship in the Worship Center

10:30 AM
Contemporary Worship with Holy Communion in Activities Center (sign-language interpretation).

9:00 AM
Children's Sunday School

Fellowship Time following each service on the Patio


Our Sunday Morning Services 

Sunday Morning Worship is the primary focus of St. Matthew United Methodist Church.

To meet as many needs a possible, we offer a variety of worship opportunities. All Sunday morning services have a Sign Language interpreter. FM assistive listening devices are available at all services in the Worship Center. Large-print bulletins are also available at all services.

For those unable to attend Sunday services, or if there is a general need, an audio CD, video DVD, and video Blu-ray disks of the Worship Center services are available upon request by calling the church office at 480-838-7309, or sending an email to the church office.  Our Worship Center services are also broadcast on live-streaming, which can be found on this website's homepage.

9:00 AM Traditional Worship in the Worship Center. Liturgical worship in a classic United Methodist style. Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month.

10:30 AM Cup of Blessing Contemporary Worship in the Activity Center. Informal worship and communion is offered in the Cup of Blessing service each Sunday in the Activity Center. Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday.

Deaf Ministries. All of St. Matthew's services are ecumenical and created to be accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people as well as hearing people. The service is conducted in sign language and voice, with words displayed on a screen. Video DVD, and video Blu-ray disks, and our live-streaming of the Worship Center services contain the sign-language interpreter in Picture-in-Picture.

Holy Communion. Holy Communion in the United Methodist Church is open to all people, regardless of age, church affiliation, or lifestyle. St. Matthew uses only unfermented grape juice for Communion. For additional information on the Unitied Methodist view on Communion please refer to the UMC website.

Baptism. Baptism is normally offered on the second Sunday of each month, but it may be scheduled on other Sundays if requested. Baptism is not necessary for participation in any church activities; the act of baptism is merely a public affirmation of a person dedicating their life to Christ. St. Matthew baptizes infants, children, youth or adults. For additional information on the United Methodist view on Baptism please refer to the UMC website.

New Member Orientation. If you are interested in joining St. Matthew, please contact the church office at (480) 838-7309.